Danny Wood’s Employee, Andi Albin, Accused of Fraud

Danny Wood made public on all of his social outlets, what New kids On The Block fans (Blockheads) have been complaining about for the past few weeks. Andi Albin, now former employee, has allegedly (*) committed fraud against the fans.

Last week it was brought to my attention on Twitter, that Andi Albin was being bullied by some fans, while others remained faithful to her refusing to believe what couldn’t be true: someone inside the BH family was scamming us and abusing one of the New Kids trust and love.

At the time, Andi Albin switched her twitter account (@theandibalbin) to private. Eventually she deleted it, as she did with her instagram account. Before the Mixtape Tour 2022, Albin was the head of REMIX PR, which she dissolved during the tour to be fully committed to Danny Wood.

Danny Wood posted:

“It has come to my attention that members of our cherished community have been solicited for money by a past employee of mine.

At no time will myself or anyone affiliated with the New Kids as fans for money directly for any reason. Ever.

All of our events sell thru an authorized ticketing vendor or promoter and anyone promising tickets or special access on our behalf is a fraud.

Please know, that we are acting swiftly to get to the bottom of this situation and find a solution.

If you have been negatively impacted I want to hear from you in hopes of finding a remedy.

Please email this address so you can be contacted: Dwoodinfo22@gmail.com.”

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(*) Please note: Even though I’ve seen many of BHs have proof, as a lawyer I must write “allegedly”.