5 Times Jonathan Knight Melted Our Hearts

Our big brother has turned 53 years old and, besides looking 33 and holding the “best hugger” trophy, he melts our hearts on daily basis.

So, to celebrate his birthday, how about recalling at least five special ones?

1. When He Kissed Harley on the Amazing Race

Yeah, we need to start with this one… Way back in 2015, when we were getting to know Harley better, the couple participated on the 26th season of the Amazing Race; and then one night… 🥰

2. When He Shared “Farmhouse Fixer”‘s Pilot on the NKOTB cruise

On 2018, cruisers, BH sisters! received one big surprised… But I won’t tell you; I’ll show you.

3. When He Asked If a Baby Cow Could On Tour

Oh yes, he did. Does it surprise you? During NKOTB’s Mixtape Tour in 2019, Jon visited the Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary in Colorado, and besides sharing photos to die for he asked, “Can a baby cow go on tour”.

4. When He Made a Home Video and Wrote a Letter for Harley on His Birthday

Also In 2019, he wrote,

“(…) I knew the night I met you, you were the one for me… But yet I fought it and kept my heart protected. Months had passed since our initial meeting and I still felt a longing for you to be by my side! Why am I fighting this man. He feels the same as me, and doesn’t give his heart away unless it’s real love. So I call him and say I miss you… come be with me while I start this crazy life with NKOTB again, and let’s try love from a very long distance … weeks later you show up on tour, and the rest is history!


5. When He Told Jenny How He Had Proposed to Harley

On 2016, Jonathan gave an interview to Jenny McCarthy for Sirius XM and spilled the beans! He said,

“I arranged a dinner (…) we were on the Zambezi river, it’s right above Victoria falls (…) we took a night time RAF dinner, like just the four of us, out on the river; they were like hippopotamus in the background and we saw crocodiles swimming by and everything (…) and there was a super moon on top of that! So it was just absolutely beautiful; so romantic.”

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