5 Videos With Jordan Knight That Make Us Crack Up and Get Emotional

How much do you miss JK? A lot! We all do. Here’s a selection of five clips to celebrate Jordan Knight’s honesty, huge heart and humor!

5) When We Learned He Had Told Lady Gaga What To Sing

Once upon a time, Lady Gaga was just a girl trying to make it in the music industry; meanwhile, the New Kids On The Block were recording their album “The Block” and the producer said something like, “Let’s bring Lady Gaga.” Jordan asked, “Who’s Lady Gaga?” And then they wrote and recorded together “Big Girl Now” and we went… gaga.

JK promoting his album “Unfinished”. 2011

4) When He Explained What “Tink!” Meant

Jordan Knight actually tweeted once, in 2009 the meaning of “Tink!”; he wrote, “Tink! is the imaginary sound of my eyelids springing open when I wake up……………..TINK!”

But how much fun it is to see him explaining it!

3) That Time He Told A Kid “You Ever Heard of Ritalin?”

Yeah, he did! And this gives me the chance to spread my sweet little message: if you give Ritalin to a person (kid, teenager, adult) who is neurotypical, it will make the person feel high. But if you give it to someone who’s neurodivergent, like I am!, it will just makes us feel what most people call “normal.”

Anyway… Back in 2005, Jordan Knight was one of the six celebrities to compete in the first series of a reality show called “Trust Me. I’m a Holiday Rep,” from the UK. This is one clip of the show.

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2) That Time He Sang To His Mother

That “80 Buzz, Knight Vision” clip. It features a behind the scenes of Jordan Knight on his tour in 2009, and him singing to his mother “Mama I believe in you”. Have you ever watched it?

Toronto. 2009

1) When He Gave One of The Coolest Interviews; “Seriously”

Happy and relaxed, with his unique sense of humor, Jordan Knight talks about the first concert with BSB, the history of the New Kids On The Block and how he joined the band.

He also addresses growing up with foster kids, his family and the racism he experienced; his alcohol addiction and Jon coming out. This one is: priceless.

So! What’s your fav?