A week in Jonathan Knight’s life…

From a green day, to a night holding a gun. What happened here?

Do you ever wonder is thereโ€™s any day left when we can say: today Iโ€™ll take a nap, I donโ€™t have to hashtag about anything?

July 17 is now World Emoji Day, and Jon celebrated it with a green tweet:

On Tuesday, he enjoyed a beach day with Harley at the Fort Lauderdale Beach, but they only showed their “special guest” (as they call him in the instapic):

IG/Jonathan Knight. Jul 18, 2017


Angela was a victim of his humor…

On Thursday night he was on his way home on a plane and, due to the stormy skies, he said he was missing his tour busโ€ฆ

IG/Jonathan Knight. Jul 20, 17

But he was safe and sound on the ground soon enough!

However, his week ended in fear, when on Sunday night he had to change his mic for a gun to protect his pets. It’s the farmer’s life! (warning shots only, Blockheads; be cool)