NKOTB The Blog follows every single social media outlet of the New Kids On The Block, 24/7, and wraps it up in an online scrapbook.

Written and developed by Laly, since 2012.

History (*)

In 2012, waiting for the arrival of the New Kids On The Block to Argentina for the first time, Laly started the blog in Spanish (at nkotbtheblog.wordpress.com) to translate what the members were sharing on social media and what was being published on the news. Soon the blog started to grow, and it was moved to a new host under the domain nkotbtheblog.com.

In 2016, Laly received her first press pass to cover the Mixtape Festival in Hershey (PA) at the time she was starting to spend half of the year in the US. As social media platforms started to offer the option to translate tweets and posts, in 2017 Laly started writing the blog in English.

Due to its growth, the blog finally became officially – the non-official – blog for NKOTB in 2020 at nkotb.blog.

Laly is now a full-time blogger, at laly.blog (lifestyle blog and coding tutorials) and at neurodivergent.blog (mental health, neuroscience and motivation) Find Laly’s credentials on LinkedIn.

(*) After a failed transfer from one host to another in 2016, previous posts couldn’t been imported; the blog is currently being updated on regular basis.