Behind the Scenes of Blue Bloods Season 13, New Talents Arise

CBS primetime TV show Blue Bloods, which is going to premiere its 13th season on October 7, has been casting upcoming New York actors who could be gaining their big break…, and others who are thriving (big time) already.

Today after the shoot, Donnie Wahlberg gave a shoutout to Damien Jimenez (@damienwazhere on Instagram) for having done “an amazing job.” Donnie posted a photo with Damien and Marisa Ramirez saying, “This guy did his thing today!”

Donnie Wahlberg, Instagram Stories, 9/26/22

Damien has worked in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), Josh Taylor’s Prom Date and The Beacon (2018); he’s managed by Alison Caiola who has gotten roles in Blue Bloods for other actors this year, such us Tom D’Agustino and Nathaniel Levin (the Moretti brothers, on S12.E14, “Allegiance”) and Caitlin Hammond (Grace Spence, on S12.E17, “Hidden Motive”)

Tom D’Agustino, Nathaniel Levin and Caitlin Hammond. Source: IG/Alison Caiola

Excited as anyone could be, for sharing the screen with Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck and the legendary cast of Blue Bloods, Damien reposted Donnie’s story adding, “Seriously… What an incredible experience. Excited for what comes next!”

Then at the end of the day, Donnie Wahlberg gave us a sneak peek of the performance of two more actors: Kyle Harris (IG/kyleharris) and Alexandra Turshen (IG/alextursh)…

Donnie Wahlberg, Instagram Stories, 9/26/22

Now, these two… 🙌🏻 Kyle Harris was part of the cast of “The Inheritance”, which won the Tony Awards for Best Play in 2021; and Alexandra Turshen has just arrived to Netflix with the series “Partner Track”, based on the book by Helen Wan and which premiered on August 26.

Alexandra Turshen, Instagram Stories, 9/26/22

If on one day of filming, this is the cast we see… Can you imagine what we can expect on this 13th season?