Boyz II Men about NKOTB: “This Is the Epitome of Brotherly Love”

I had the chance to see a glimpse of this this Total Package Tour “in the making”, last year at the MixTape Festival in Hershey, but what happened last night in Philadelphia, cannot be described but as another epic night for the books.

After finishing their performance, Boyz II Men called NKOTB to the stage, who came out with great news to share with the crowd. On Jun 24, Broad St was renamed “Boyz II Men Boulevard” in the city of Philadelphia. Donnie Wahlberg, who was holding the street sign, said, “These guys are too humble to even mention or brag about it”.

Then Sean took the lead and said, “We’ve been doing this for twenty-five years, over twenty-five years, and (…) we don’t hang around a lot of people, we don’t consider a lot of people friends of ours … These five guys right here (…) these are our friends”, to which Wayne added, “These are our brothers. This is the epitome of brotherly love”.

Sean continued saying, “They are some of the coolest, some of the most humble, some of the most fantastic entertainers that I ever seen in my life”; before leaving the stage, Nathan also gave some brotherly love to NKOTB, “These guys make sure they come out here and give you what you paid for every single night; if you ever wanna be in show business and wanna know how to work, that’s how you work”.

After the show, Joey McIntyre used his Instagram account to share his thoughts about it, and wrote, “What #boyziimen said about us tonight in their hometown of #philly was like a #grammy and the #rockandrollhalloffame rolled into one. Can’t get a better compliment from more talented dedicated guys than them!”