Braveheart, Joey Needs Your Ideas

Joey McIntyre is looking for a new way to call us Bravehearts, and he’s looking for our ideas. Initially when he posted on his Instagram Stories:

“We are Bravehearts. Always.
We are all part of the Mac Pack.
We need a new fresh collective address.

Joey McIntyre on IG Stories, March 28, 23

… the task wasn’t quite clear… But then… Let’s recap!

The First Ideas

After his story, Joe began sharing the ideas he was receiving. @amandadubb proposed #NamastewithJoe.

@brandiev19 (huge joey’s girl, funny and super sweet woman, meaning: follow her!) proposed, simply, #joeygirl”, to which Joey responded:

“I hear ya. But what about those 8 guys”


The first idea that comes to my mind right now, is #MacHuh.

We Could Twist This One Just For Fun…

@michelle_hegwood said, “Posting 1 picture a day everyday of myself and Joe (and a song) UNTIL HE ANNOUNCES SHOWS I CAN ATTEND! 😏 And hopefully get more photos with him 😁” To which Joe responded,

“Oh no!! Where do you live?? 😂”

When I saw this, my ADHD brain rushed to think about all the BHs who haven’t met Joe; and then, how in the 90s I got a poster with a magazine (NKOTB with Gerardo) which made me think, “how can put myself in the place of Gerardo? Can photographers do that? How much would they charge me?”

That was the day I began dreaming my ultimate BH dream, a photo with them… which eventually I got, but! Now we’ve got photoshop, so how about twisting this prompt just a bit and photoshop ourselves with photos of him but from the old days? You know, when we were absolutely sure we were going to marry him? Just for fun!

BTW, Canva has a new app, the “magic eraser”, which would be perfect for this task.

Am I rambling? Yes, I am.

A Clear Task, by Joe Mac

I was absolutely lost with his post. I honestly didn’t understand what he was talking about. Thankfully, later he posted,

“Also when I said ‘address’ it was my attempt to be fancy… Like when and how you address someone.

Love the ideas…

I think I got one…

It’s a bit out of the box… Again… We are still Bravehearts… We are still the Mac Pack…

This is more to put the finger on a certain connection. And how we connect moving from forward.”

Joey McIntyre on IG Stories, March 28, 23

So! If I understand correctly, he’s looking for a new name for us Bravehearts.

I believe it would be appropriate to use something that starts with “Mac”, but nothing comes to my mind.

Just please don’t say “MacHead”… That is just… No.

Just saying… Humbly… Thank you.

Drop your ideas! We’ll make a list! Think about the things we like: the theatre, musicals, poetry… him without a t-shirt 🤭…

… “The Mac Ensemble?” Too long…?

PS: If I am correct, and he’s looking for a new name. Why didn’t he simply say it like that? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hashtag “MacHead” right? 😂 Ohh… No.