Candace Cameron Fangirling Over New Kids On The Block BHBC Collection

The New Kids On The Block love to surprise their fans, and one of our favorite Blockheads, actress Candace Cameron, just received a great dose of it.

Feeling like a 13 year-old again, Candace shared on her Instagram Stories a package filled with BHBC items that the New Kids On The Block have sent her for this holidays.

Cameron opened the box and showed all the items one by one: an autographed card; a Puzzle ($ 25); a pair of Logo Socks ($ 15), a dish towel (which is not available yet at the store) and even Danny Wood’s new sauce.

She also received the White Bucket Hat ($30) saying “I’m so wearing this”; a Vintage Photo Collage Coaster ($10); a Black Sling Bag ($ 30) which Candace considered “the best”; a Vintage Photo Blanket ($ 50) which is gonna go to her next dressing room; and, of course, the Gold Ornament ($ 14,95) for her Christmas tree.

Candace said, “There’s no better present than making someone feel like they are a kid again and this definitely did”

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