Charlie Puth Awed by New Kids On The Block’s Technique in the 80’s

Pitch corrections, pre auto tune, the D-esser… An enlightening exchange of tweets every Blockhead needs to know about.

Meet Charlie Puth

This talented young man is 27 years old and, for many of us – beyond 40, multitasking with the kids and our jobs, and playing on a loop “80s Baby”– can be unknown, unless: you’re the parent of a teenager who knows his work, or you really like Shawn Mendes.

Charlie Puth is an American song-writer, who became famous after posting music videos on YouTube. These days, his cover of Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood”, is nominated for the I Heart Awards.

Why Does He Have the Right Stuff?

Charlie’s almost three million followers on Twitter, are grateful that lately he’s been sharing cool facts about music, and the Blockheads among his fans got a pleasant surprise on Monday, when he tweeted,

“if you listen to “you got the right stuff“ by new kids on the block at 1:05 when the pre chorus happens, you can hear some subtle pitch correction on the lead vocal. so cool!!! And this was PRE AUTO TUNE so holy shit that must’ve been difficult to get right…”

Charlie Puth on Twitter

Donnie Wahlberg who sees it all (yes, he does), retweeted Charlie with a little bit more of information:

“I’ve long heard that too @charlieputh. Pretty sure it’s the DBX 902 — better known as the “D-esser”, because it took the “S” sound off of words and made a tiny flange. That, or my voice cracked and we couldn’t afford to fix it. ????????#OldSchool #HanginTough30”

Donnie Wahlberg

Do you know what they’re talking about or should we take a peak? Let’s take a peak!