Joey McIntyre and Mike Wartella Accept the Coca-Cola Starlight Challenge

If you are already thinking about searching for the hashtag “Coca Cola Starlight Challenge”, please don’t; it doesn’t exists…

Do you remember in the eighties, when Coca Cola launched that TV commercial with a chorus of children making you feel you were the one who’d change the world “tomorrow, tomorrow”?

Here you go (Please note: this is catchy and it will haunt you for the rest of the day)

That was when Coca-Cola was cool, when we were craving for all the sweets and candies that were being launched to the market, and when we didn’t know the poison we were putting in our bodies with sodas like Coke. So this new “Coca-Cola Starlight”? Trying it is a challenge, and from the Coca-Cola Company, this is a “Cry For Help” 😏

Mixtape Tour tickets featuring Rick Astley are available 😉

When the Coca Cola Company were promoting this new flavor, “Coca-Cola Starlight”, they published on their website:

“The taste of limitless possibilities is approaching orbit. Trajectory: Planet Earth.

From the furthest reaches of the galaxy, Coca‑Cola Starlight is arriving. The flavors of unknown stars twirl together with the great taste of Coca‑Cola for an experience unlike any other. Where will it transport you?”

Source: Coca-Cola Web Site

As you can imagine, being Joey McIntyre a clever person, he took this challenge very seriously and invited The Wanderer’s co-star Mike Wartella to give this new Coke a try. I mean, Coca-Cola had also posted,

“Unexpectedly indulgent, Starlight’s red hue sparkles with a cooling sensation that tastes like magic. Prepare to drink the stars.”

Would you try to drink “the stars” alone?

I wouldn’t… So, kudos (and thanks) to Joey McIntyre and Mike Wartella for doing this and posting it. See you on the other side ✌🏻

Who’s not gonna ever get sponsored by Coca-Cola?