Country Comfort Season 2: How Well Do You Know Your Siblings?

The cast of Country Comfort, the new series on Netflix featuring Griffin McIntyre, is working hard for a season 2, and the blog has teamed up with the moms of the kids to spread the word and help with ideas! Are you in?

“The numbers,” look good; people are binge-watching the show but, what the show needs is more viewers! Netflix has so many releases every week, that a show that premiered among the top ten vanishes from our dashboards once it leaves that list.

So! It’s up to us to help Griffin and his new family on this! How? Spread the word! Tell your friends to watch it and ask Netflix for a second season; on Twitter and Instagram, add the following to your posts

@netflix #countrycomfort? #countrycomfortseason2

Today the kids released the promo clip of an upcoming fun video, “How Well Do You Know Your Siblings?” Check it out!

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How Well Do You Know Your Siblings?

Anxiously waiting for a Season 2, the young cast of Country Comfort played “How well do you know your siblings”, but, in real life… meaning, how well do they know each other?

Note: The audio is not good; you may want to use your headphones to enjoy it.