May 8, 2019

Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg in, “Frozen Nuts”

Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg doing Cryotherapie, in St. Louis (MO) May 8, 2019

Before their second show, Danny and Donnie went outside the city of St. Louis to do cryotherapy, the latest trend in the wellness world.

In another words, before getting on fire on stage again, Danny and Donnie submitted themselves to freezing temperatures, which according to Healthway go “between –100 degrees Celsius and –140 degrees celsius, which translates to between –148 degrees Fahrenheit and –220 degrees Fahrenheit;” among its benefits, cryotherapy includes reduction in tissue inflammation, pain relief and muscle recovery.

Danny went live on Instagram to show it to us. Check out the video!

By Laly York

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