Danny Wood Shares Emotional Unaired Footage on Betty’s Birthday

It’s been 22 years since Danny Wood’s mom, Betty, passed away after having “bravely fought off breast cancer for 2 years”, as Danny once said. And every year, on the occasion of her heavenly birthday, Danny takes a moment to honor her memory.

Today Danny, before posting on YouTube an emotional unaired footage from the Wood Works, tweeted,

“Happy Birthday Mom!
This day used to be really hard on me and my family, but I made a choice years ago to celebrate her life on January 7th. She is everywhere in my life. She is in my children, my granddaughters, my Dad, my sisters, my brother, my best friend, my bandmates, my friends, and she lives through the #bhfamily! You continue to inspire me and others to be better! Your name lives on through @rememberbetty and together we continue the fight against breast cancer!
Your forever loving son,

In his video, we can see him showing a laminated recipe of Betty’s Coffee Cake; he looks restless, anxious, as he talks about Betty and tells an anecdote from he was 9 years old. It’s quite emotional to watch Danny like this; the footage is so candid… He yells “Edit” after finishing his intro, by the way ☺️ There’s also a montage of photos, and clips from Donnie’s appearance in the show, in the episode “Alma’s Chicken Soup, 4/06/21.”

Needless to say, get your tissues ready for this one…