Danny Wood And Jessie Chris Talk About Bodyguard on a Podcast

Danny and Jessie made a stop at Corus Radio’s studios, to talk about what inspired “Bodyguard”, how they became involved in this project and their personal experiences.

Since Jessie got her first guitar, growing up in Massachusetts, she began being bullied for wanting to be a country singer; but she got over it and turned the experience into something positive. She says, “for a while, I just wanted my music to be a secret, I wanted to be invisible, I wanted to completely go under the radar, so that I wouldn’t be bothered;  but eventually […], I got so mad that I wanted to prove everyone wrong, and I just wouldn’t let these bullies take away me chasing my dreams, ‘cos I knew someday I’d grow up and regret not going for it.”

Jessie has been giving speeches at over a hundred schools in a year, and that and her music was what caught Danny’s attention after her manager sent him links to get to know her.

In the interview, they talked about how they became involved in this project, what it means to Jessie to work with someone with a history in the business like Danny Wood, the use of social media regarding the topic of the song and their bullying experiences.