Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre Show Us the Blue Turf in Boise

The blue turf is a must visit attraction if you go to Boise (ID), so Joey and Danny took the time to check it out and share it with us.

Why is the Albertsons Stadium turf blue?

I couldn’t help myself. What is all the fuzz about this “blue turf” at the Albertsons Stadium in Boise? Ok. It’s blue instead of green… but why? I found a very cool guy on YouTube enlightening us with the answer.

We can all guess that a turf is green because is supposed to look like grass. A+ for us! But what we couldn’t guess, is why people in Boise decided, “Let’s make it blue.” Long story short, in 1986 a lot of money was going to be spent on changing the green carpet of the stadium; so, the guy in charged said something like, “If we’re going to spend that money, let’s make sure that everyone notice the upgrade.” And therefore, they made it: in blue.

Cool, huh?

Ok, onto our boys!