Danny Wood: New Solo Wood Music Coming Up! Plus, great NKOTB news

It’s safe to say that Danny Wood can be full of surprises…

After a whole day of filming “The Wood Works,” Danny went live for another “After Dark episode” which commenced with the recipe for a fall inspired drink, “Apple sider whisky smash.”

He could have added “you’re really gonna need this for all the thing I’m gonna say,” but he didn’t… so we forgive him and make the drink now to celebrate or cool it down; the guys are really catching up this year!

The chef of The Block received and answer great questions on this episode, and officially announced new solo music, new NKOTB music and a special surprise that will be announced “quick.”

Danny Wood released his latest album “Look At Me” on Jan 15, 2016, and he gave a series of intimate concerts on his “Solo Wood” tour; back then, he announced initially six dates and eventually he continued adding more. The tour began on Feb 17 in Philadelphia (*)

Over the past few years he mentioned he was working on new music; in fact, he might have had plans to release it on 2020 because his original website – released on Jan 8, 2016 at dannywoodofficial.com – is now redirecting to solowood2020, which remains empty.

However, today – on his latest “After Dark” – he has confirmed it, and we can expect new music next fall (in the Northern Hemisphere, Sep-Dec, 2023) He said,

“I’ve been waiting a long time to share my new music with people so I’m pretty sure next fall; I have a lot done already and I’m still writing (…) Anytime after the tour, sometime, next year.”

He also confirmed that NKOTB has been working on new music, and that some news are coming up in the following weeks. Regarding new NKOTB music, he said,

“There’s gonna be new music,” and after a pause he added, “I mean you gotta do new music, so yes.”

And about the surprises that are coming up, he added,

“So much to look forward; the wood works, my hot sauce, other things coming, new music from the New Kids and then the tour next year it’s just gonna be incredible; I can’t wait to start prepping for rehearsing (…) and there’s gonna be a few other surprises coming in the near future, specially this one cool announcement that will probably be coming in a few weeks; I can’t say it right now, but it’s coming quick

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(*) He had previously made two appearances on Jan 13 at the Today Show (NY) and at Sirius XM with Jenny McCarthy.