Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre, “Lost In Your Eyes. The Duet” Review

A fan’s review #BraveHeart

I’ve been waiting for this recording since Joey McIntyre joined Debbie Gibson on stage during NKOTB’s Mixtape Tour in 2019; and when they announced they had recorded it, I had high expectations.

On the day of the release, Joey McIntyre posted on Instagram:

No words really. 
Singing this with @debbiegibson has been everything from the first date on the @nkotb #MixTapeTour. Recording this when we were still in the dark times was a lifeline for me.
Love what we created. Deb, you are good good people. See you in Vegas, baby. 😉

Joey McIntyre / IG

Debbie Gibson’s “Lost In Your Eyes” is one of my all time favorite songs; it’s been in my TDK’s, burned CDs and iTunes playlists; needless to say, it still is and will remain forever. So, to have another version of it, with one of my ultimate favorite singers, Joey McIntyre, was something I couldn’t wait for.

On stage, the song sounded “big”…; Joey and Debbie even sounded like they were batteling in synchrony; but this duet, …, it simply doesn’t sound like one.

I am a BraveHeart; I can recognize Joey’s voice even when he sneezes but, this morning, when I put my headphones on to listen to this song which has just been released, I couldn’t recognize him…

And I kept listening, and waiting for his powerful voice to pop up, to make me feel, “Yeah! That’s it!” like I felt when he hit the last notes of his latest single “Own This Town,” but…, it didn’t happen.

In this new single, the music sounds louder than the voices; Debbie sounds louder than Joey; and even though Joey’s perfect pitch is there, it gets lost in the arrangement. (No pun intended)

I listened to it for a second time, thinking, “this cannot be happening; breath in, dissect every single note and feel it”… and still all I wanted to yell to Joey was, “open your mouth!! Lower a couple of keys and open your mouth!”

“Lost In Your Eyes. The Duet,” feels like a nice (very nice actually) musical arrangement of a Debbie Gibson’s song, with some guy companioning her.

Where’s Joey McIntyre in this song? In the title of the art cover.

Seriously, I am truly sorry.