Debbie Gibson Gives a Shoutout to Joey, and he Holds on to the Holiday Spirit

The second week of the year began with an exchange of love from the duet who stole out hearts during the Mixtape Tour: Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson.

On the occasion of Debbie’s “Lost In Your Eyes” 30th Anniversary (yes, ‘we old’), she recalled – one more time – how this performance came to life and she shared it on Instagram.

Joey replied on Twitter,

Love this!! A really special highlite in my life on stage. You rock, @DebbieGibson!!! Thank you again and again for sharing this smash with me!!!


Holding on to the Holiday Spirit

After receiving the New Year with great enthusiasm, Joey insisted that he’s not the only one who wants to keep listening to Christmas Carols: a “sushi” joint holds on to the holiday spirit too.