Debbie Gibson Live With Joey McIntyre, on the Release of her New Album “The Body Remembers”

Joey McIntyre invited Debbie Gibson on a live stream, to talk about her tenth studio album “The Body Remembers,” by her own label Stargirl Records.

The Body Remembers (2021)

Release date: Aug 20, 2021

Singles from The Body Remembers

“Girls Night Out”
Released: June 7, 2019
“Lost in Your Eyes, the Duet”
Released: June 4, 2021
“One Step Closer”
Released: July 16, 2021

Joey and Debbie begin the conversation talking about how hard it is to release an album; Joey says, “we all have creative ideas, but to actually follow through with it is really hard, and boring, and it’s laborious;” “it’s tedious”, Debbie adds.

Debbie Gibson haven’t worked with many collaborators on her records, so she’s excited and “honored” to have Joey McIntyre in her new album “The Body Remembers.”

“My one dream is for to connect”

Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson on Writing and Producing “The Body Remembers”

Debbie Gibson wrote and produced “The Body Remembers” independently, with her own founding and scheduling, and she recorded the vocals at her house.

She wrote the entire album, lyrics and music, except for the song “Love Don’t Care”, which she co-wrote with Lars Halvor Jensen; Debbie clarifies, “he’s the only person in the album who co-wrote a melody and lyric with me.”

Lars Halvor Jensen, co-wrote with Donnie Wahlberg, Michael Jones, Terence Abney, Keir Lamont Gist, and Marcella Brailsford, one of New Kids On The Block latest singles “80s Baby.”

Gibson also mentions she’s a big country song-writer fan, so she loves songs that have twists; she says, “a lot of my songs start where I’m in the anxs of a situation and it flips to the aspirational / inspirational ‘this is how I’m gonna break through this and not let this take me down’“. She adds that’s how she lives her life and that it’s all over the album, and also that the pandemic fueled that intensity and energy.

Debbie Gibson on “Love Don’t Care”

“In my mind it’s already won the Eurovision’s song contest”, Gibson jokes about “Love Don’t Care;” to which Joey McIntyre replies, “Give the Grammy speech now; it’s all that matters.”

Gibson says, “We wanted love to be his own character”, and to illustrate it she sings a few verses, “(…) and how am I to fight this feeling, here I’m sayin’ all this stuff; But, I’m no match for you love; It’s my heart takin’ the beating”

“Love is its own entity, you can’t control it”

Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson’s Dream Team

Debbie Gibson’s biggest collaborator is music prodigy Sean Thomas (19), who is also working on Joey and Debbie’s upcoming residency in Las Vegas; she says, “I literally could not have done this album without him,” and refers to him as her “right hand man” throughout the process of recording and producing “The Body Remembers.”

About Thomas, Debbie recently mentioned in an interview for Rolling Stones, “I met him when he was 13. He played one of my students in my Hallmark movies. So I worked with him at 13, then I worked with him again at 16. Now he’s mixing in Prince and even a little of Martika’s Kitchen, and I’m like, how old ARE you?”

During the live stream, Debbie also mentions among her team: Emmy winner, composer/arranger, metal band Cinderella drummer Fred Coury; multi-platinum recording artist DJ Ashba (featured guitarist in many of the tracks) and Grammy Award-winning DJ / Producer Tracy Young,

Debbie Gibson on Her Video “One Step Closer”

Wrapping up the live stream, Joey McIntyre brings up Debbie Gibson’s recent release of the official video for the third single of the album, “One Step Closer,” which he described as “a long way from Teen Beat.”

Debbie says, “I was feeling my vibe. One of the great things of being a girl, woman, whatever, is that you can do pig tales and a baseball cap one day, and you can do the chorus with the Go-Go boots in the video and everything in between, and I’m just celebrating life and going with how I feel.”

Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre, are about to kick off an 8 night limited engagement mini residence in Las Vegas, on August 26, 27, 28 & 29; September 16, 17, 18 & 19.

Tickets are still available

Joey McIntyre And Debbie Gibson Live