Watch! Donnie Wahlberg Getting a “BH Love Eternal” Tattoo (Streamed Live)

On Friday night, from the basement of his house, Donnie shared live how he was getting his new Tattoo in tribute to all the Blockheads.

“People are gonna think I’m crazy, and those who know me know I am a little bit crazy”, says Donnie, while he explains why he’s getting this new tattoo:

 “I think I met about a thousand fans on tour with New Kids On The Block tattoos in the last year; and I’ve seen a bunch of you guys’ tattoos. And I know people say you’re crazy when you get a tattoo of New Kids On The Block or like an eternity, love eternal band or whatever; and I know you are not crazy. So I decided to prove my love and respect and admiration for those of you who get any New Kids On The Block tattoo or anything that’s a tribute to us, I decided to get a tribute back to you guys, all my Blockheads out there.”

Donnie Wahlberg

In case you missed it, here’s for you to enjoy!

If you want this original Tattoo, around April 2020 Wahlburgers will have its grand opening in St. Charles, and Tayler’s shop will be a few blocks away.

Find Tayler’s shop, A thin line tattoo, on Instagram @aThinLineTatoo