New Kids Spotted From Manhattan to Boston (One Jordan Knight Included)

A Celtics game for Donnie and Jordan, and a farewell to the cast of Waitress The Musical for Joey; that’s what it takes to spot a New Kid on a Saturday Night 😛

It took a Celtics game in Boston, and Donnie flying over there with his entourage, to take Jordan Knight out of his social media break. Do you have your Instagram notifications on? If you do, you probably had a heart attack on Saturday night… or you’re about to have it now.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Joey payed a visit to the cast of Waitress, because they’re about to say goodbye to Broadway and hello to life on the road, with a US National Tour, and performances in London and the Netherlands.

@JoeyMcIntyre / IG Stories, Dec 07, 2019

Happy Sunday!