Donnie Wahlberg Answers Questions We’ve Never Heard Before | 3rd Edition

Donnie checking in from 40,000ft and opening the #DWAir20Questions is becoming a thing, and last night even Jenny McCarthy joined the fun.

In case you missed it, here are all the questions and answers.

Note: links to tweets are available in the “Qs.”

Q1. Is #FRUG a thing???

I don’t know. Is it? Check my twitter dictionary. I don’t think it made the cut. I don’t even know what it means.

Q2. What’s on my mind…a tropical gateway sometime in the future!

Tune in Sunday to @nkotb and you may get a bit of hope on that.

Q3. If you could have someone play you in a movie who would it be and why?

Ok … Either of my sons as young me and Bruce Willis as old me. Though, I’d rather play Bruce.

Q4. How are you doing? Just a simple mental health check!

Thoughtful question. Thank you. I’m doing ok. Every morning when I wake up, I just give thanks. No matter what.

Once that’s done, I’m ready for whatever comes my way and I make it a mission to spread love.

Q5. Where is the most exotic place you’ve been to?

Exotic is a state of mind.

Q6. Selfie???

Stand by.

Q7. Inflight drink tonight????

Same as usual — Capt/Diet.

Q8. Living or dead, who would like to have a conversation with?

I’m having that conversation with my Blockheads right now.

Q9. What is your favorite Christmas song of NKOTB’s?

Letter To Santa — Funky XMas and Last Night I Saw Santa Claus tied for second. Unwrap You is honorable mention.

Q10. (What is) your favorite (song) by a boyband not including @NKOTB?

New Edition, of course.

Q11. Jenny McCarthy asked, “Hi! I have a question. Did you know @BlondiesbyJenny is having a flash sale today and offering FREE shipping til midnight?”

I do now — and so does the entire Blockhead Family! Let’s go!!!!! ps — I love you!

Q12. Favorite holiday movie?

New Kids Cartoon Special or Die Hard (it’s an XMAS movie).

Q13. Wrap gifts or have someone wrap them for you?

I wrap or let them wrap outside stores for charity.

Q14. Ever cut down a tree yourself?

Yes, but not an XMas one, and only when they’re unhealthy and may fall.

Q15. Real tree or artificial?


Q16. Angel or star on top?

Star! ????

Q17. What holiday song do you never get sick of?

Do They Know It’s Christmas.

Q18. Is there snacks you always have with you for a flight?

Not particularly, except for @RighteousFelon beef jerky.

Q19. What are you bringing to the @NKOTB potluck on Sunday?

I can’t tell you til then. It’s a heart warmer, though.

Q20. What’s your favorite family Christmas tradition?

Giving gifts. I don’t like to receive any. Only give.

Q21. Favorite holiday tradition growing up that you continued with your own children?

Playing home bingo! My dad did it with us. Pennies in the pot. It was so fun. Best times. Except he’d get mad because my grandma always won.

Q22. Turkey or ham?

Turkey, I suppose.

Q23. Sweet potato pie or pumpkin?

Pumpkin Pie

Q24. What’s the worst turnout of food you’ve ever cooked?

I always burn eggs when I try to cook them.

Q25. From a private tweet, we can guess Donnie was asked what’s he watching on Netflix; he responded:

The Queens Gambit! I love it and I love chess which makes it even better for me. (side note — @dannywood and I played to a draw in our High School chess tournament).

Q26. Most memorable Christmas gift that you got as a kid?

It’s a tie. @Mattel electronic football and Stratego the board game! The only time I got more than one gift! That was an epic holiday!

Q27. Has it been difficult being bk on the set of #BlueBloods w/ all of the restrictions?

Covid is tough on everyone. I’m blessed to be working, so I can’t complain about anything that keeps my hundreds of co-workers safe and supporting their families.

Q28. Do you have to take more than 1 selfie until you find one you like?

Usually get it first try.

Q29. If you could only eat one cereal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tough one … I’ll go with Frosted @MiniWheats for the win!

Q30. Favorite winter location besides Boston or St. Charles?

Somewhere warm. But the St Charles Holiday Lights Parade was a lifetime memory.

Q31. Skiing or Sledding?

I haven’t skied since @nkotb reunion. Can’t take that risk. So we’ll go tubing for the win.

Q32. Can you tell us something we dont know about you?

Is this a trick question? You guys know more about me than I do. But … I love grapefruit.