Donnie Wahlberg Answers Questions We’ve Never Heard Before

Checking in from 37,000 ft, Donnie asked on Twitter, “What’s on your mind, or is it what’s on my mind?” inviting us to come up with twenty questions for him under #DWAir20Questions.

And just when you thought that after over 30 years there’s nothing left to ask, BHs came up with some very – very – twenty eight (28) original questions.

Without any further introduction, here they are!

1. How many unopened emails are in your inbox?

Looks like 33,553.  Not sure if that’s total or unopened.

2. What’s your favorite vegetable? Do you like garlic?

Asparagus or tater tots.  

And, yes, tater tots are a vegetable.

3. Shower in the morning or night? 

Neither (bath only).

4. Sleep in socks? 

Socks (unless extra curricular takes place with the Mrs).

5. Checkers or chess?


6. Gum yes or no?


7. Last time you drank coffee was…? 

I don’t.

8. What song has been on repeat on your playlists lately?

On The Ocean by K’Jon (thanks @dnice) and Back To Sleep by @pinklacesmusic

Oh yeah and Greatest Showman Soundtrack!

9. How are you Donnie?


10. Last song you intentionally listened to?

My Heart Is Yours by Kristian Stanfill

11. Last movie you watched?

Uncut Gems (half of it)

12. Ever seen the movie Band of the Hand?


13. Are we gonna see another drunken karaoke night anytime soon?


14. How many dogs do you have these days?

Two — DJ & Lumpy

15. Ever had a fish tank? A cat? A lizard?

No fish ever. Cat when I was a kid. My son has two chameleons.

16. Any secrets you can give us hints to and make us overthink?

Don’t #Blockheads always overthink?

17. Would you ever think about being a special guest judge on the Masked Singer on FOX?


But maybe not a contestant.

“Maybe” being the operative word.

18. What’s your fav tropical fruit?


(And all juices in rum punch!)

19. Favorite or most frequently used emoji?

(paste emojies)

20. Out of all the movies you appeared in, which one was your favorite to do?

Hmmmm … The Sixth Sense!

But a little gem named Diamond Men with my late great friend Robert Forster is something BH’s should make sure to see!

21. How do you remember who you remember? What is it that someone does that makes you truly remember one of us?

Honestly?  I never forget a face.

Especially a Blockhead!

But I admit, I am sometimes bad with names.  So I mostly refer to you guys by your twitter names.

22. What’s your favorite Charlie Brown holiday TV special?

Snoopy Come Home — but there is no holiday involved.  

Linus and the lost blanket gets me every time.  That and Snoopy’s rubber band song.

23. Thanksgiving…turkey or ham?


24. Stuffing or dressing?

Mac & Cheese! (But I do refer to stuffing as stuffing).

25. Favorite toy when you were 5?

Evil Knievel windup stunt cycle — when my brothers weren’t using it. We shared. 

26. Mountains or ocean?


27. Monopoly yes or no?

Monopoly sometimes. Uno, chess, spades and Stratego all the time!

28. Selfie?

Stand by …

And, that’s a wrap!

Study your questions and get ready for the next Quiz!

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Q3 to 7.



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