Donnie Wahlberg: “Blockheads, Believe”

Twenty Twenty was a year where the New Kids On The Block had everything planned to share with us a cruise and a concert at Fenway Park, but none of it could happen.

The NKOTB cruise 2020, originally scheduled for April 23-27, was cancelled on March 16, five days after the WHO declared the COVID-19 a pandemic. Then we held on to the hope of seeing the New Kids On The Block at Fenway Park on September 19, but that couldn’t happen either. The concert, however, wasn’t cancelled but postponed to July 16, 2021, but we still had our doubts…

Could we believe this is definitely going to happen?

Yesterday, Donnie posted on Twitter, “Blockheads, believe…”

And just in case you needed an extra push to believe, he posted twelve stories on his Instagram.

I believe.

Do you?