It’s Donnie’s Bday! Join the Party!

At 00hrs, Donnie Wahlberg began his birthday party from the set of Blue Bloods; twugs and salutations are already being sent, gifts have been presented and more gifts are still in the making.

Here are the tweets and Insta posts for you to join Donnie’s bday.

Donnie’s Tweets

40 minutes later after Donnie’s first tweet, #twug was already trending; in his 3rd tweet, Donnie wrote, “Got a lot of #TWUG’s to give.”

Donnie Wahlberg on His First Birthday Without Alma

Gifts presented

Laurina (aka, @MissTattoo) who every year brings BH together for Donnie’s bday gift at, presented the first gift of the day: Blockheads worldwide have raised $15,000 dollars (yes, you’re reading this correctly) for “Alma Care”.

If you wish to donate to Alma Cares, you’re welcome to do so at any time at

Gifts in the making

Ela Hall, from Germany, has the opportunity for you to join still open. Donate at Alma Cares’, sent her proof of the donation, and you can win:

  • two (2) cloth bags “#WeAreWahlberg”
  • one (1) cloth bag “#BoysInTheBand”
  • two (2) accessories bag “I heart Donnie”

The link to donate is always the same:


Public salutations came from NKOTB, Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre; from the team: Marcello Ambriz, Kevin Maher and Stacy; and many more!

D-Nice Party on Instagram