Donnie Wahlberg Shares a Blue Blood’s Fun Reel on Marisa Ramirez’s Birthday

Marisa Ramirez joined the cast of Blue Bloods in 2013 and, since then, Donnie Wahlberg and her have become friends and partners on and offscreen.

On February 22 of that year, Donnie appeared on “The Talk” and made a Blue Bloods’ scene with Julie Chen; later that day he posted on twitter:

“Leave it to BH’s to guess who my partner is so quickly! Yes! Marisa Ramirez from Give It To You video. Great girl & great actress! Thanks JK”

Donnie Wahlberg, Twitter, Feb 22, 2013

Since Marisa’s birthday fell on a #WayBackWednesday this year, co-star Donnie Wahlberg seized the opportunity to talk about her and their friendship, while sharing “fun and fond memories” of their work. He wrote,

“I don’t call it work because it’s been nothing but a joy for the last almost decade. If you think it looks like we have fun, and have each other’s back, it’s because we always do. Onscreen and off — I could not ask for a more incredible, trustworthy and absolutely hilarious friend/partner.

Have the happiest of Birthdays my dear friend (not sure how you got the day off on yours and I didn’t on mine but whatevahhhhh). Here’s to another ten seasons. Then we will call it “Gray Bloods”. Well, I’ll probably call it Bald Bloods by then but whatevahhhhh! ???? Love and Light always! ?????❤️?