Donnie Wahlberg Celebrates the Time he Broke the Selfie’s World Record Guinness

NKOTB cruise 2016. New Orleans. Do you remember that? Guinness World Records Adjudicator Sarah Casson, was on-board to confirm Donnie Wahlberg’s achievement and present him with the official certificate.

Donnie had tried to break the record the previous year, but 2016 was the lucky one: 122 selfies in three minutes. Today he posted on Instagram,

TBT To that time me and The Blockhead Family broke the @guinnessworldrecords for selfies on the @nkotb cruise! We did that!!!!!! 122 Selfies, with 122 different people, in 3 minutes time! These pics and videos bring back so many memories! Can’t wait to cruise again soon! #Selfies #WorldRecord #GuinessWorldRecord #BHLove 🤖❤️♾📸

Donnie Wahlberg on Instagram

And, can we emphasize the “can’t wait to cruise again soon”? Last week he said, “I miss you on the ocean”. He’s been teasing us every week! I mean… Just…: