Donnie Wahlberg Wrapped Up His Directorial Debut on Blue Bloods

After almost two weeks of hard work, Donnie Wahlberg wrapped up what’s going to be the #414 episode of Blue Bloods.

Donnie shared his journey day by day. In case you missed it, here it is.

Day 1: It’s on!

The shooting started on January 6th; back then he tweeted,

“Day 1 wrapped! Thanks to all those well wishers out there, who took time out of their lives to show support! You carried me through today…”

Donnie Wahlberg / Twitter

He also put an emphasis on the weather they crew were enduring,

“Now i just gotta get through seven more! Starting with minus 10 wind chill tomorrow! To tall those working in the cold- I’ll be with you!!”

Donnie Wahlberg / Twitter

Day 2: Baby, It’s Cold Outside (But Look At My Chair)

Just to be clear about how cold it was, the next day he posted a vine

… and they actually broke a record! He tweeted,

“Today, #bluebloods broke the record, of lowest exterior temperature, for a NYC production- 5 degrees! Nice way to break my directing cherry.”

Donnie Wahlberg / Twitter

And look at him on his director’s chair!

Day 3: Still Grinding!

Day 4: Meet the Team

On the fourth day, he shared a photo with his staff: writer Willie Reale, his coach on “police stuff” 🤷🏻‍♀️ Detective Jim Nuciforo and Jono Oliver who is the Assistant Director.

Day 5: Meet The Queen

On the fifth day, he introduced the gorgeous Queen Jinkx Monsoon.

Day 6: Hi There!

On the 6th day, he stopped by to say hi!

Day 7: Another Day in the Office…

On the seventh day, he said he was loving every minute of it and shared a couple of photos from behind the scenes.

Day 8: And On The Last Day…

This is another milestone in the Captain’s life! Kudos and #Chapeau!