Donnie Wahlberg’s Emotional Post on the Anniversary of NKOTB’s Reunion

It’s been 13 years since the New Kids On The Block reunited on stage, to perform for the first time after almost fifteen years. Donnie Wahlberg shared on Instagram a clip of the opening act and wrote,

“This moment will always be the most special moment (and absolutely the loudest) for me, in the history of the second coming of @nkotb! September 18, 2008! Air Canada Centre, Toronto! Opening night of the @nkotb reunion tour, after 15 years apart!”

NKOTB, Toronto. 2008

“This moment – he continued – more than any other moment, is the reason why I’m still here doing this. Why I’m so deeply committed to you, our Blockheads, the greatest fans in the history of music. I felt a love and connection to you all, on that night, like I’d never felt before.

I feel that same connection every time I am with any of you to this very day. A sense of gratitude and appreciation that I cannot fully put into words. I still get emotional watching this video. From the amazing score composed by @iamroblewis, to the wonderful choreo by @kmaher56 and @sunnywalters, to the swag of @papetty, to the emotional screams of our fans. It never gets old. I love you all so much. I am #Thankful #BHLove #NKOTBFOREVER #loveeternal ?❤️♾”

NKOTB’s choreographer Sunny Walters replied, “The beginning of one of the most incredible chapters of my life! Love you always.”

Patrick Petty (@papetty), who’s been styling the New Kids On The Block since the 90s, also wrote, “Still going stronger than ever?? ❤️?????”