Donnie Wahlberg: Encrypted Message or Not?

Donnie sent an odd message through his Instagram Stories, putting us in front of two choices. Which one do you take?

On Friday morning, Donnie shared a clip on his Instagram Stories, by the river, saying, “When the water is this still, and this peaceful, that’s the calm before Godzilla comes.” Please examine Exhibit A, carefully, before we can continue.

@DonnieWahlberg, IG Stories, Oct 4, 2019

A normal person would chose to say something like, “Funny, ha” and swipe to next story. But we are Blockheads, and we pay tribute to our BH nature by creating a second choice, another mystical meaning that must be hidden, and so we: hear “water” and think, “cruise”; hear “Godzilla” and think, “big cruise!”, hear “comes” and think, “CRUISE, NOW!!”

So, Blockhead, Which one do you take? I honestly – and humbley – believe, we should take this very seriously. Comments are open.