Donnie Wahlberg on the NKOTB Tour With Girls5Eva That Couldn’t Happen

Donnie Wahlberg posted a clip on Instagram that started a buzz among BHs. Some simply laughed at the ending of the clip, but many wondered, “Was Girls5Eva a real band?”

He begins the clip with a very serious attitude telling the story of how he met Girls5Eva; he says, “The first time I’ve ever heard about Girls5Eva was when I heard the song ‘Friends 5 Eva’ and I was like, that’s the jam!; and, you know, I didn’t think I ever meet them or anything like that.”

“But – he continues – New Kids On The Block and I were on tour on Sweden and the girls were in the same city and like, we were out at the bar and the girls came walking in and I was like, ‘Ohh’; I mean, they were cute, and fun and hot! and I was like: five girls, five guys, let’s…” And suddenly Jenny appears behind him giving him a look…

So he wraps up the story saying: “…let’s not go on tour together. So New Kids On The Block went on tour with the Backstreet Boys instead.”

Jenny McCarthy’s reaction could have given away the fact that he was joking, but the story is believable – not only because of Donnie’s acting but also – because the New Kids On The Block did go on tour with the Backstreet Boys ten years ago. In fact, we’re about to celebrate the ten year anniversary of that tour; on May 25, 2011, NKOTBSB – the ultimate boyband – kicked off a tour across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Besides, Donnie Wahlberg added the hashtag “ad” to his post… But, is a well known fact that people on the web don’t read that much, specially if there’s a video.

Girls5Eva Official Video: Famous 5eva

Ashley, Gloria, Summer, Dawn and Wickie sing, “We’re gonna be famous 5eva, because 4eva is too short; gonna be famous threegether ‘cos that’s one more together.” C’mon! ????

Is Girls5Eva a Real Band?

No, it is not. Girls5Eva is a comedy about a ’90s girl group who reunites in their 40s for a shot at a comeback, which is now streaming on Peacock. If one look at the members of Girls5Eva, the truth pops up and also does the hint that this TV show – produced by Tina Fey, by the way – is hilarious.

L-R: Gloria, Wickie, Dawn and Summer. Photo Credit IMDb

The members of Girls5Eva are Gloria (writer and actress Paula Pell, known for Saturday Night Live), Summer (actress Busy Phillipps, mostly known for ‘Dawson’s Creek’), Dawn (Broadway extraordinaire, Sara Bareilles) and Wickie (another Broadway star, Renee Elise Goldsberry, mostly known for “Hamilton”)

The reunion happens without Ashley (played by Ashley Park), because she died in an infinity pool accident in 2004.

Girls5Eva Official Trailer

Where To Watch Girls5Eva?

Girls5eva is streaming now on Peacock:​

So, should we start trending the hashtag NKOTB5eva2024? We know the New Kids On The Block maybe cooking something for 2022, so they deserve a time off between tours… right?