Donnie Wahlberg in the Lab. Surprises and More Surprises Are Coming

Donnie Wahlberg and his stepson Evan Asher flew to California to record with Emanuel Kiriakou. The next day, Donnie gave more details of what he did and what’s coming next for Block Nation.

On Tuesday, Donnie was in the studio with Emanuel Kiriakou, music producer and songwriter Zhone, and DJ Alex Chapman.

At the time, Wahlberg didn’t say much, except for a story he shared before with the caption “Don’t forget it’s all about the fans”

The one who did say something about this unexpected reunion was Joey McIntyre, who took credit for Donnie Wahlberg and Emanuel Kiriakou’s collaboration. (Joey re posted Donnie’s story twice)

But the next day, the news began to arrive.

From the plane, as he was leaving California, Donnie posted a selfie and a story saying, “Boat. Block revisited. Surprise. More surprises. New musicality. More surprises. Summer together (not to mention various TV shows and podcasts etc etc) And…

… and he finished sharing a clip of the New Kids On The Block rehearsing “Twisted”, from his archives. Could this a hint of what we could expect in the upcoming tour?