Jenny and Donnie Strip Down for New”Formless Beauty” Lin, and Give You the Chance to Win a Christmas Facetime With Them

If you’re a Donnie’s girl, you are probably in the E.R. since yesterday, so we wish you a speed recovery. If you aren’t, or if you are but didn’t check your social media yesterday, please have 911 on speed dial before looking at… this:

Marilyn Monroe would only wear Channel nº 5 in bed, so the story goes. Jenny McCarthy wears nothing but the lip glosses of her “Formless Beauty” line, and that makes her husband Donnie Wahlberg strip down for all of us. I’d go with the lip gloss.

“Making a gloss that I know is vegan, free from toxins, has beautiful shades and that doesn’t dry out your lips became my mission. And guess what? We did it!”

Jenny McCarthy –

To introduce the “Nude Collection”, wife and husband Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg have made this new campaign promoting three new lip glosses which, bought as a bundle, give us the chance to Facetime with them on Christmas Day.

The colors are delicious!


Bliss: Infused with gold particles that illuminate the most beautiful neutral nude tone.

Radiance: Infused with bronze glitter particles, for a beautiful mid-tone nude gloss

Euphoria: Infused with chestnut-brown shine, it illuminates a deeper shade of nude.

If you purchase the Nude Collection 3-Pack Bundle, you’ll also get:

  • While supplies last: a Limited Edition Nude Collection Christmas Card autographed by Jenny and Donnie!
  • If you order before 12/24/22: a chance to win a quick Facetime call from Jenny and Donnie on Christmas Day