Donnie And Jenny: Introducing “Blondies” And Talking About Wahlburgers

Donnie and Jenny made an appearance at the Kathie Lee and Hoda show, to talk about Jenny’s new ready-to-drink cocktail, Wahlburgers, Donnie Loves Jenny and more.

Wahlburgers Is About Family

Hoda Kotb begins the interview talking about the curse that haunts reality TV shows: at some point, couples break up; but Donnie and Jenny have the perfect answer to that: according to Donnie, “Reality shows don’t break up couples. Couples break up couples. And most couples who do reality shows aren’t ready to really deal with all that comes with it, and put their stuff out there, and cope with that feels like”.

About how “Wahlburgers” works, and how other shows let producers manipulate them, Jenny said, “When you are in the Wahlburger family, let me just tell you, this family is huge, so loving, and no one is gonna get passed mama bear. Alma will run over any producer”.

What happens in Wahlburgers is real, and it is all about family.

Even though “Donnie Loves Jenny” is no longer on air, Jenny will continue to be by Donnie’s side on the small screen. Donnie said, “She (Jenny) joined Wahlburgers but we put the relationship first (…) We put each other first (…) The Wahlburgers is my thing but she supports it fully, and she has her own thing”

Is There Going To Be a Donnie Loves Jenny Season 4?

Sorry to say, that is not going to happen. According to Donnie, their children began to feel uncomfortable with it and they couldn’t do it without them. However, Donnie said, “We kind of put that on hold”… so… Who knows?

Jenny’s Own Thing: “Blondies by Jenny”, A New Gluten Free Cocktail!

Jenny created a ready to drink cocktail, so – as she said – “Watch out Bethany!”. She describes her drink highlighting that:  it’s gluten free, it has no artificial flavors and real fruit juice! And hey, it has vodka 😉

“Blondies, by Jenny” will be available exclusively at Wahlburgers for two months, and then the USA will have it nationwide.

You can follow the updates at the new twitter account: @BlondiesByJenny

Donnie Knows All About Kissing

At the end of the interview, they were asked to play a game; they were shown a serie of images with couples kissing, and they had to say whom they were… and Donnie had all the answers!

Here is the video, courtesy of TODAY. Enjoy!

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