Donnie Wahlberg is Back in the Cryo Chamber, And This Time He Brought Jenny Along

We know the New Kids on the Block are about to hit the road when the they enter a Cryo chamber.

Back in 2019, while the guys were getting ready for the first Mixtape Tour, we saw Danny Wood and Donnie at the French Med Spa (St. Charles) getting Cryo chamber therapy. Do you remember?

The tour was about to being on May 2, and by April they were together at Donnie’s home playing golf and working on their “team building”.

The next year, Donnie Wahlberg went back to the Cryo chamber with Kevin Lama, and they got to wonder if that was therapy or torture 😂

Today, the New Kids On The Block are still scattered across the US: Joey McIntyre is in New Jersey doing “The Wanderer”, Danny Wood in Miami, Jordan Knight in Milton taking care of his restaurant Novara (and taking his wife on cool dates) and Jonathan Knight enjoying the last days with his new chickens and wrapping up the shooting of Farmhouse Fixer.

So, maybe for that reason, Donnie chose to bring along his wife Jenny McCarthy to do Cry Therapy with him, also at the French Med Spa.

Donnie Wahlberg, IG Stories, Apr 6, 2022