Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy Renewed Their Vows on Their 7th Wedding Anniversary

Every time I hear or read about people wondering, “How do you make a marriage last?” I think about this: renewing wedding vows.

Sometimes, years go by and we forget why we’ve chosen a person to spend the rest of our lives with. Our work, the kids and our daily struggles, can make us forget that we shouldn’t discharge the anger or discomfort we might be feeling in this person we love and that, instead, we should remember, “I’m not alone in this; there is my partner.”

So, yes; besides the love, respect and all that jazz, to make a marriage last I believe, “What a better way than to take a pause every year, reflect on the relationship and chose to renew the promise or not?”

Donnie and Jenny have been doing it for seven years; and, as we can see from the photos Donnie has shared, it’s not about making a party every year; it is simply about the love…; about saying, “I still want this to last forever; I still feel we belong together forever”… ?

And there’s something else we learn from Donnie and Jenny’s marriage: if we believe our true love is out there, somewhere, someday, we’ll bump into each other. Remember time is an illusion; so if you believe now, it’s happening already; and it won’t matter if at the moment you met, you’re wearing the most fancy outfit or you are in your sweatpants cursing for that pigeon who has left a gift in your hair while you were jogging.

True love sees beyond the flesh; true love, finds a “soul” mate ? Donnie and Jenny got lucky times two ‘cos they’re smoking hot, but! you know what I mean, right? If you’re waiting, searching, lurking for your true love, let the love of these two fill your entire being, and it will definitely happen.

Early in the morning, Donnie’s first post on social media was a photo of him expressing how grateful he was feeling; he didn’t say anything about his wedding anniversary, but I guess we can all agree what he was so grateful for.

Around noon, he posted on Twitter, “I wrote a tweet for me and my amazing wife @JennyMcCarthy’s 7th anniversary, but I’m just going to sit here with my box of tissues and keep watching her amazing @tiktok_us video instead. #HappyAnniversary my queen. I love you so much. #AMillionDreams ❤️” And he shared… (get your tissues ready) this:


Happy Anniversary @donniefreakingwahlberg The world is so much better with you at my side. I love you. Infinity. ❤️

♬ original sound – Jenny McCarthy

Then on Instagram, with photos from their ceremony, he wrote:

“HappyAnniversary Jenny!
Seven years — no itch!
I love you more than ever, Mrs Wahlberg. To be blessed with a partner whose goal is to make sure that I love myself more and more each day — is to be truly blessed.
Thank you for holding me down, while always holding my kite string and letting me fly. You are my soul mate in every way. My heart is overflowing with gratitude, appreciation and unconditional love, for you. I love you Lady.
Thank you Reverend Ray McElroy (aka @bellboy47), my friend and Minister, for helping me surprise my wife again (got ya baby) and for gracing us with your wisdom and your blessing.
“Seven = Completion. Perfection”. ?? So grateful to be able to “renew” gods amazing blessing for another year. On to forever. ??❤️
HappyAnniversaryJenny!SevenYears #NoItch ?❤️”

Is there anything left to say?