Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy Renewed Their Wedding Vows on their 3rd Anniversary

Was it yesterday or a lifetime ago? It seems like Jenny McCarthy has been part of the Blockhead family since the beginning, and it also feels like it was yesterday when we were waiting for the first wedding pictures.

Yesterday they celebrated their third anniversary by renewing their wedding vows! Donnie shared it on Instagram and twitter, but let’s take a moment to recap a little bit. Back in 2014, Jenny was a co-host of “the View”, and there she announced the engagement! They shared pictures from their honey moon, they let us in into their marriage through #DonnieLovesJenny on AETV, and she took his name! So…

Let’s talk a walk down memory lane…

Jenny announced the engagement on “The Voice”

Soon they got married, and this is what Donnie said:

And then they were checking in from their honey moon…

We started learning about them as wife and husband, watching Donnie Loves Jenny:

And she took his name!

Donnie Loves Jenny, and Blockheads love Donnie and Jenny

As Blockheads, we could say, “Donnie is the greatest husband in the world. He renewed his vows! Aww!”; but of course we are going to say that, because we know him and his soul, and we are Blockheads!

What we celebrate on this anniversary, is the fact that a man found his true love, and a woman found her true love; we celebrate – as Blockheads – that the HE found HER, a devoted mother and a smart woman who wrote ten books (yeah, ten) about motherhood, love, sex, humor! and above all, autism, as she fought like a lioness for her cub, Evan.

We celebrate a love that inspire us: they found true love after 40! Personally, I am in the stage, “I will NEVER get married again”, but every time I see them together I get an itchy feeling that whispers to me, “What if…” I reply to that feeling saying, “Hell to the no! (shout out to Glee’s screenwriters) I will never live with a boy again”… But hey… What if… 😉

How awesome it is to celebrate true love… Don’t you think?

Happy anniversary, Donnie and Jenny! May you both keep and feed your love for each other, humor and patience… You both have it, and that’s all it takes… Ok! We also need money, health and sh*t, but I think with love, humor and patience, all the odds can be defeated… in that order…


How Did Donnie and Jenny Celebrated Their Third Anniversary?

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