Watch Donnie and Jenny on WWHL

On Sunday night, Donnie and Jenny stopped by Andy Cohen’s show, “Watch What Happens Live”, and they did so much more than talk!

1) Jenny interviewing the Housewives, and the truth behind Make-Up Sex

The clip begins with Jenny talking about interviewing the housewives, and then they both answer to the question, “what was their biggest fight”

2) Andy, Donnie and Jenny Sitting in a Tree…

The couple played the game Spin That Bottle, which means: if you don’t have an answer, you’ll have to kiss the person who spin the bottle. They spin it four times: 1) Andy to Donnie: What is the most unattractive thing about your partner?; 2) Donnie to Jenny: Name a celebrity who has hit on you, knowing you were on a relationship; 3) Jenny to Andy: Name the last place you had sex, that wasn’t “in bed”; and 4) Andy to Jenny: Who is the most overrated person in Hollywood today. Did everybody answer? Check it out!

3) That Time Jenny Looked Like She Just Hit a Deer

Jenny shared his favorite memory of Hugh Hefner: the time she had to audition for a centerfold and her face – according to the producers – looked a little awkward…

4) Donnie’s TV wife and the young child Joey Mac has between his legs

Donnie talked about why Amy Carlson left Blue Bloods, the shows need to move in a different direction and Amy’s talent; Jenny on the other hand, was asked, “If you weren’t married to Donnie, what other New Kid On The Block would you consider?”; her answer open a path to a whole other direction. Don’t miss it!