Donnie and Joey on Being on Dancing With the Stars Back in 2011

Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre were on Dancing With the Stars in 2011. Did you know that? Now, how this conversation between Mac & Cheese came to be, could be due to a story shared on Instagram, or the fact that TV Guide mentioned on its cover that Wahlberg dances on the set (because Donnie was featured on the cover. Did you know that?🤩)

Do we care how it came to be, or we just want to watch the clip 😏

First! Long story short, Donnie reposted a clip of him and Joey dancing at DWTS captioning it:

“That’s all the dancing with the stars you’ll get from me. (but it was definitely fun!)

To which Joe responded,

“We were tight, Cheez! That was a mini redemption to those damn judges!”

And Donnie added,

“Soooo fun. We got all 10’s!”

And now… Enjoy!

Source: YouTube @AddictedToJoeMac