Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre and Jared Paul Golfing and… Talking About New Music?

Since NKOTB’s latest album, “Hangin’ Tough 30th Anniversary Edition (2019)”, which was released with only three new songs, the New Kids On The Block released one single during the pandemic, “House Party.”

Previously, they had released in 2017 an EP, “Thankful”, with six songs plus three bonus tracks for those who had purchased it through Block Nation; and before that, the epic “10” in 2013.

Bottom line is, could all agree it’s time for the boys to go back to the “kitchen?”

Goods news are that, apparently, they are starting to work on something which we’ll get to hear… “Not Donnie Soon.”

Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre and Jared Paul, seem to have spent all Sunday together; in the early noon, Joey posted on his IG stories that he was ordering coffee with Jared Paul.

And later in the day, Donnie posted a photo of the three of them at a golf course…

DDub tagged “@lifeatbluehills” which is located in Kansas City ? … But, they were at Blue Hills in Milton (we won’t get into the “OMG, was JK there too,” for healthy reasons)

And then, at the end of the day, Donnie posted a clip with no sound saying, “OMG. I think me and @ElGreatDane are going to make BHs very ❤️ with this one,” followed by a “Soon (not Donnie Soon).”

@ElGreatDane, for first Gen-X BHs who may not know him, is Lars Jensen (songwriter and record producer) who’s been working with the New Kids On The Block since… the freaking epic “10”.

So…, go gaga BH… I am already ??‍♀️