Donnie and Joey Play NKOTB Road to Final Four (Live, P.2)

This is one priceless hilarious video we’ll cherish forever: two New Kids play – even fight for their favorite song – just like two Blockheads.

In this second part, Joey and Donnie start playing the game by picking eight songs from the left side of the chart; they discuss why the choose every song as they share a lot of anecdotes, even some Joey didn’t even know! And there’s also talk about Joey’s “coronavirus baby”.

Did you know?

  • “Toasties” was released only in Japan
  • The New Kids shoot a video of “Popsicle” in Boston, on Channel 4
  • When the New Kids performed at AMA’s in 1991, Jennifer Lopez was her backup dancer (yeah, you did know this)
  • Funky, Funky Christmas was recorded in a hotel in Philadelphia and produced by Donnie; and, when Joey did a British accent, Donnie and Danny decided they were going to impersonate people in the song.