Watch! Donnie Wahlberg Receives the New Year Streaming Live From His House

From St. Charles to the world, Donnie streamed live the beginning of the 2020, so we could all start the year together.

Usually Donnie and his wife Jenny are in Times Square (hey! last year the New Kids even performed at Rockin’ Eve) but this year, due to his schedule, they spent New Year’s Eve warm at his house in St. Charles.

While making a quick old fashion – and showing his new BH tattoo – Donnie reminisces about the last tour and the past ten years we spent together, wishes us a happy new year and takes us inside his home with his guests.

While “warming up for the cruise”, joining Jenny and her friends singing karaoke, the midnight hits and with that, a Happy New Year, live, with Donnie Wahlberg!