Donnie Wahlberg Spills the Beans About #NKOTB2020

Well… there were actually more tears of joy being spilled, but you get the point, right? Last night Donnie began opening up about #NKOTB2020 on Twitter; clip included! Here’s what happened.

A First #NKOTB2020 Hint

Before jumping on what Donnie said, we cannot overlook that we may have had our first clue on Monday:

It was like, “We’re just chilling, and decided we’re gonna leave this photo of Donnie in Hershey… here; just because it’s pretty. Have a nice day.” I refuse to believe it, and I join the conspiracy madness instead, because I am Blockhead.

Donnie Wahlberg From 40,000 ft

Sometimes I wonder about creating a new section for this blog, with all the tweets coming from Donnie at 40,000 ft. I can almost picture him in the plane, buckling up and saying, “Peace at last; Time to talk to my family.”

Anyway, checking in from 40,000 ft at 9.00 PM (EST), he tweeted that #NKOTB2020 was going to be something “cool and fun and epic” ????:

Then, in response to @StacySchotten – who’s guessing and waiting for another hint like the entire Blocknation – Donnie said, “it will only be half of what it will become!”????????

So, yes; we could safely asume that #NKOTB2020 motto is going to be, “Go Big or Go Home.” Ergo: it’s time to start calling our BH gang and having some serious conversations about matching outfits and confetti proof bras.

Donnie sent a few more tweets that made us weep…

Ok, stop crying… (I know, I know…) because… did he just send another clue?????????????

By midnight, #BHlove was trending…

Enough said.????

#NKOTB2020. Bring it!????????????