Donnie Wahlberg Spills the Beans About #NKOTB2020

Well… there were actually more tears of joy being spilled, but you get the point, right? Last night Donnie began opening up about #NKOTB2020 on Twitter; clip included! Here’s what happened.

A First #NKOTB2020 Hint

Before jumping on what Donnie said, we cannot overlook that we may have had our first clue on Monday:

It was like, “We’re just chilling, and decided we’re gonna leave this photo of Donnie in Hershey… here; just because it’s pretty. Have a nice day.” I refuse to believe it, and I join the conspiracy madness instead, because I am Blockhead.

Donnie Wahlberg From 40,000 ft

Sometimes I wonder about creating a new section for this blog, with all the tweets coming from Donnie at 40,000 ft. I can almost picture him in the plane, buckling up and saying, “Peace at last; Time to talk to my family.”

Anyway, checking in from 40,000 ft at 9.00 PM (EST), he tweeted that #NKOTB2020 was going to be something “cool and fun and epic” ????:

Then, in response to @StacySchotten – who’s guessing and waiting for another hint like the entire Blocknation – Donnie said, “it will only be half of what it will become!”????????

So, yes; we could safely asume that #NKOTB2020 motto is going to be, “Go Big or Go Home.” Ergo: it’s time to start calling our BH gang and having some serious conversations about matching outfits and confetti proof bras.

Donnie sent a few more tweets that made us weep…

Ok, stop crying… (I know, I know…) because… did he just send another clue?????????????

By midnight, #BHlove was trending…

Enough said.????

#NKOTB2020. Bring it!????????????


  1. You are so loved by your fans.we feel you give of yourself over and over
    Thank you donnie love you. Saundra .to add this I’m 83 yrs old!!

  2. Showing a pic from Hershey which is in my home state of PA makes me hope they’re coming to PA somewhere . Can’t help it ,I missed the mixtape tour and would love a chance to see them

    1. It took me until the Total Package to see them. I have been a fan since 1989. The wait was worth it. Love all of them but Donnie is at the top.

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