Donnie Wahlberg on Meeting BTS at the AMAs

Donnie Wahlberg on Instagram. Nov 23, 2021

“Having been a member of a boy band (@nkotb) that went to the @amas as a young man, and received screams that never stopped for the duration of the entire show (so much so that other people’s fans actually started booing us back — true story), I can tell you that these guys #BTS handled the event with so much grace.

They loved their fans for their support (aka #BTSARMY), they gave love and respect to every single artist they came across and they never stopped being humble, the entire night.

I was proud to wear their T-shirt on the red carpet and am more proud that I did after meeting them.

They were a true example of how to #LoveYourself and how that love allows you to love everyone else! 💜

@bts.bighitofficial 📸: @gettyimages”