Get Inspired with Donnie Wahlberg | Ed 19/03

A weekly collection of Donnie’s motivational and inspiring tweets.

“If you allow someone to kill your joy today — 

Then you are the someone that killed your joy today.

Don’t allow yourself (to allow someone else) to kill your joy today.


@DonnieWahlberg, Jan 17, 2019

“If someone has a problem with you …

It’s their problem.

If you have a problem with them having a problem with you  …

You’ve made it your problem.


@DonnieWahlberg, Jan 18, 2019

“We can’t control anyone else’s intentions …

We can only control our own.

Make yours the best intentions, without any expectations in return, and you will never be disappointed with the results.


@DonnieWahlberg, Jan 18, 2019