Get Inspired by Donnie Wahlberg

The power to be happy is within us. There could be no room for hate in our lives. How can we achieve happiness and keep the hate our of our lives? Check out what Donnie Wahlberg said about it this week.

“Remember that time you were having so much fun that you forgot about a problem you have?

Did the problem disappear, or did your thoughts about the problem disappear?

We have the power to be happy — if we change our thoughts about what makes us unhappy.

#MondayMotivation #LOVE”- @DonnieWahlberg.

“If spreading love were your intention — in every action and reaction in every moment of every day of your life — there’d be no room for hate in your life.

And if there were no room for hate in your life — there’d be no hate in your life.

Choose your intention.

#WednesdayWisdom” – @DonnieWahlberg.