Donnie Wahlberg Renames NKOTB Day, “NKOTBH Day”

Due to the story, the love New Kids On The Block and “Blockheads” have been sharing for over three decades, this new declaration shouldn’t come as a surprise.

However, on a personal note I think, how special it is that when it hasn’t passed even a week of the death of his mother, when he’s mourning the passing to another life of a human being that won her wings on this earth, our Captain is thinking of us…, #spreadinglove… From the blog, I couldn’t dare to say “Happy NKOTB day” on social media, but then I saw his tweet at night…I teared up… And I was not surprised; because this is what he does; we are family, and he makes sure that we know it and feel it.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise for two more reasons: the New Kids On The Block have mentioned before that Blockheads are the sixth member of the New Kids On The Block.

In 2009, Danny Wood was the first one on Twitter to name the 6th member of the New Kids On The Block: you! He tweeted,

Wow!!!! You guys are so awesome. The Today Show was amazing, and its all because of the 6th member of NKOTB, you guys. Thank you!!!!!!!!

@DannyWood, May 8, 2009

Ten years later, Donnie wrapped it up with a bow on Women’s Day:

“New Kids on the Block is not comprised of only 5 guys. It also has a 6th member — w millions of strong, passionate & loving women, who are the backbone of this family. The community you all have built will never cease to amaze us. We celebrate you today! #InternationalWomensDay

@DonnieWahlberg, March 8, 2019

So! If we recap on the history of this day and take notes for our NKOTB History files, these are the dates we need to mark on our calendars:

  • on April 24, 1989, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts declared “New Kids On The Block Day”
  • for the city of Boston, however, there’s another day. Boston declared NKOTB day on Sep 26, 2008
  • on April 24, 2021, Donnie Wahlberg – leader of the band New Kids On The Block – renamed the day “NKOTBH day.”