Donnie Wahlberg to His Fans: “Your Self Love is the True Inspiration”

Touched by what happened in Memphis, Donnie shared more photos of the concert and wrote on Instagram:

 “There is only one thing that motivates me, inspires me, fulfills me, humbles me and gets me on to that stage every single night — LOVE! My love of what I do, my love of all of you, my love of doing what I do with all of you and my love of seeing so many of you loving yourselves!

Yes, of course you love your favorite boy band, but your self love is the true inspiration! Seeing you let loose at a concert and celebrate your lives — is the greatest expression of self love there is! It is that self love that inspires me! It is that self love that allows us to love each other and brings us all together to bask in the reflection of each other’s joy!

There is nothing that is more gratifying to me on this earth than to see and feel all that love and happiness! I’m humbled that you’ve allowed me and my band mates to be the lucky recipients of the gift of your love! Your joy is my joy.”

Check out the gallery, and feel the love!