Donnie Wahlberg Teaches Spanish: Lesson 1, “Chuleta”

If you were looking around the web for a nice Spanish course, search no more. The captain has got you covered.

These are the Spanish lessons with Donnie Wahlberg, and the word of the day is “chuleta”. Is this how we start? No. If you’ve been following this blog since it’s beginnings, you’ll know that this course – customized for BH needs – actually began in 2013, when Donnie went bananas in English…

… And then in Spanish…

In case you’re wondering, “was that a faithful translation?” Well, …, things get lost when one tries to translate an expression from one language to another. For instance, you gotta be careful with the word of the day: “chuleta” which, as our teacher explains, means “chop” and which in Spain also stands for a cheat sheet students use at their tests and even for a slap in the face; now, if you go to Argentina and you ask for a “chuleta” you’ll hear, “You mean, “Churrasco”? That’s gonna cost you three times more because you are foreign.” 

Last but not least, why did we have to wait four years for another lesson? Because the Spanish language it’s been said to be the most difficult language to learn, and our captain knows it and knows what’s best for us.

Note from the author: Please appreciate the fact that your blogger is originally from Argentina and that thanks to her you know that if you ask for a chuleta in Spain you may receive a slap in the face, and if you ask for one in Argentina, you’ll pay big time 😀

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